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We are living at a critical point where humanity is undergoing large scale transformative change. At this turbulent and uncertain time, women more than ever need to uplift one another and share our collective wisdom for creating change to help each other grow and manifest our desired future that benefits us all.

The Rising Women Collective is an international community of women who are exploring, working on, and manifesting social change within our local communities and worldwide.

We are agents of change working across many different domains and disciplines including education, healthcare, public policy, design, fashion, engineering, entrepreneurship, industry expertise, arts & media, climate change resilience, finance, space exploration, management, and science and technology.

We are artists, educators, professionals, mothers, entrepreneurs, students, elders, policy makers, engineers, feminists, humanists, designers, industry leaders, technologists, and scientists who are concerned about the state of the world, and are taking action to manifest change.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support one another in our personal and professional growth journeys and enable collective social impact. We do this through intimate storytelling, mentorship, wisdom sharing, as well as through joining efforts to engage in collective action.

Personal Growth

We support each other with our personal growth journeys by creating safe spaces of growth, where we feel accepted, supported, and cared for. We do this through check-ins, sharing resources, friendships, encouragement, challenging each other, and by helping each other heal past and/or current deep emotional and soul wounds.

Collective Social Impact

We bring about our desired futures by creating it. We elevate and accelerate our individual and collective social impact, through resource and network sharing, co-designing and collaborating on projects, promotion and expansion of each other’s work and thinking, investments (this is a future aspiration), and on-going guidance.

Wisdom Sharing

We share deep wisdom and hard truths on being a woman in today’s evolving world. This is about exploring deep intuition, exploring the divine feminine, and about having on-going conversations to explore and (re)define characteristics of feminine leadership, embracing it, practicing it, living it, and teaching it.

Collaborative Action

We join together in action and collaborate on projects and initiatives we are passionate about. Through our monthly calls and in-person events, we learn more about each other’s work and passions, and overtime build trusting relationships. This allows us to begin exploring new ideas and opportunities for collaboration as we find common ground on topics of interest and shared values.


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Our monthly global Zoom calls is where we get to know our international community as we tackle some big topics like leadership, personal growth, building communities, and overcoming fear. We accelerate our impact by supporting each other with our personal growth journeys. Check out our next event!

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We will be hosting our next event on Climate Resilience and Tech for Good in the Bay Area, Jan 2020. If you are interested in more info as a collaborator, speaker or sponsor, please reach out. We will be posting more info about this event soon!

Join our Online Conversation

Our Facebook group and recently set-up Twitter account serve to galvanize both the on-line and in-person communities. This is where we discuss topics of interest, share what we are up to, and reach out to each other for support!  

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